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ACCENT Color Line

ACCENTS can be used on top of glass and fused between layers of glass. They can also be used in a Fluid Writer Pen for adding fine details or lettering words. ACCENTS come in liquid form. 

ARTISAN Color Line

*DON'T FORGET to order Medium for your Artisan Colors!!

NT Color Line
*DON'T FORGET to order Medium and/or Layering Mix for your NT Colors!!

*DON'T FORGET to order Medium and/or Layering Mix, when ordering 972D Red, 973D Orange & 975D Brite Yellow!!


These "Unique" Unique Colors, will only be available as long as supplies last. These are great for Artists who want a truley unique color to use in their work. Be sure to stock up if you fancy them, because once they are gone - they will be gone forever!

*Sales & Close-Out items are available for a limited time - NO further discounts will be applied to them!!



Great for adding details over unfired colors. Can also be used to tint White MUD. Detail Colors come in powder form, can be used as a powder or mix to a liquid using our Medium.