Original Glass Colors

These were the first g colors developed by UGC.  They are easy to apply and fire, are pre-mixed and water soluble, ready to use on most types of glass, ceramic bisque and also over glazed ceramic pieces.  In addition to a wide variety of colors, there are two outliners - White and Black - which will allow you to complete many varied projects. 

You will find both the opaque and transparent colors on this color palette.

Another application method is to thin the colors so they can be brushed, sponged, sprayed or applied with a pen.  These can be mixed together for numerous shades and all can be used for shading.

Thin the colors to the consistency of milk, then "puddle" the color on. This will allow the brush marks to level out, giving a smooth finish. They tend to settle in the jar and will have to be stirred well and then shaken before and during use.

Firing is cone 016 or from 1500F to 1525F in a ceramic or a glass kiln. Unique Glass Colors hold their color to a much higher temperature when used on ceramic or porcelain bisque.

Notice:  Some of the opaque colors in the Original Glass Color formulas will be discontinued in favor of the same opaque colors in the Non-Toxic line.  The Transparents, Cadmium Reds, and Outliners shown on this color chart will still be available.  The NT colors are in a dry powder form to be mixed with our Medium. They will give the same results and are as easy to use as the Originals. The new opaques are food-safe, lower in price and available in more colors, including three metallics. For color chart and instructions on using click NT Colors