606 Solar Flare

Size Choices - Available in 1 oz (28g), 3.4 oz(96g) and 15.2 oz (433g) jars. Scroll down to choose size.

Solar Flare is a beautiful soft yellow color designed to be fired between layers of glass. Mix with Medium on a 1:1 ratio for the look on the color chip photo that shows product fused on top of glass and fused in between layers of glass. The solid square is on the top piece of glass and produces a semi-transparent color that is mottled, slightly textured and the color fires a bit darker with no bubbles. The random bubble area of the chip is between the layers of glass and shows the color applied solidly then fused. The lined areas show the product applied in between layers with a 10/0 liner brush and if the lines are not allowed to touch during application you can control where the bubbles will appear.

Applying the product heavier or thinner will give you different results.

Refer to Product Info, Videos and Projects for more information.

* Solar Flare needs to be mixed a bit thicker than most of the other colors to get strong color when fused. Mix more to the consistency of pancake batter.

** Solar Flare can sometimes have a reddish ring around some of the bubbles and a reddish cast to the fired color on top of the chip. This is a characteristic of this particular color.

Solar Flare Size Choice
606 Solar Flare 1 oz (28g)
606 Solar Flare 3.4 oz (96g)
606 Solar Flare 15.2 oz (433g)
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