The ACCENTS are mica based and come premixed in .5 fl oz (15ml), 1 oz (30ml), and 4 oz (118ml) jars so no additional Medium needs to be added. They need to be shaken well and given a good stir to distribute the mica particles before application. Apply thinly for just a hint of sparkle or heavier for more solid coverage. ACCENTS can be fused on top of glass or in-between layers.
Fire Accents between 1425F and 1550F. If used on top, excess burnoff needs to be removed with water and a soft brush such as an old toothbrush or nailbrush. The ACCENT metallics can be applied directly on glass, over dried NT or Artisan Colors or dropped into wet color and allowed to disperse
into the color. ACCENTS can be mixed with the NT Colors to create unlimited metallic colors. They can also be used for calligraphy techniques. Experiment with the application and use of the ACCENT metallics to create new and "unique" effects.