Unique Glass Colors: Every Shade of Inspiration

Welcome to Unique Glass Colors, where the fusion of creativity, innovation, and the vibrant landscape of Phoenix, Arizona, come together to redefine the art of kiln-fired glass. Since our foundation in 1994, Unique Glass Colors has been at the forefront of supplying artists with exceptional glass colors and materials, enabling the creation of mesmerizing works of art that resonate with both creators and admirers alike.

Our journey from a humble beginning in Logansport, Louisiana, to a flourishing presence in Casselberry, Florida, and now to our exciting new chapter in Phoenix, Arizona, mirrors our commitment to growth, innovation, and the ever-expanding community of glass artists. Our relocation under the new ownership of Warren Norgaard in 2024 signifies not just a change of scenery, but a renewed commitment to inspiring every artist and enthusiast in the glass art community.

Throughout the years, Unique Glass Colors has developed an extensive palette of kiln-fired color lines, including Original, NT, Artisan, and Accent, just to name a few. These collections are meticulously crafted to suit a wide range of applications and surfaces, such as float glass, porcelain, terra cotta, recycled glass, and more, embodying our mission to provide "Every Shade of Inspiration" to artists across the globe.

In 2009, the visionary trio of Margot Clark, Harold Clark, and Saulius Jankauskas MD, embraced the legacy of UGC, expanding our horizons and introducing innovative products like Layering Mix, Bubble Powder, UGC Medium, and our distinct MUD in White and Black. These offerings have become essentials in the creation of both kiln-fired and air-dried masterpieces, reflecting our dedication to the art and craft of glass coloring.

As we embark on this new journey in Phoenix, Warren Norgaard's leadership promises to carry forward the legacy of innovation and excellence that has defined Unique Glass Colors. Our relocation is more than a move; it's a step towards new possibilities, fostering a community where every artist can find their hue, every idea can take shape, and every creation can inspire.

At Unique Glass Colors, we are more than manufacturers; we are collaborators, innovators, and artists at heart. Our work in Glass Patterns Quarterly and the showcases in our Gallery celebrate the boundless creativity of our community, inviting everyone to explore the infinite possibilities of glass art.

Join us as we embark on this vibrant journey in Phoenix. Together, we'll continue to paint the world with every shade of inspiration.