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Decorator Bottle with Metal Tip

Decorator Bottle with Metal Tip

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Set includes plastic applicator bottle, stainless steel metal writing tip and cleaning pin for tip. Use with Outline Black and Outline White for applying design before fill in with color or for writing on the glass.  Can also be used for applying any of our colors that mix with Glass Medium. Just mix a bit thicker so you have a nice line form. Note that Outline Black and Outline White dry very hard to provide a "dam" for the wet colors to butt up next to and you will not have that with regular colors so will have to be more careful when applying wet colors next to dried outlines of regular colors.  Also great for applying even  lines of Artisan Colors.  NOTE: We find it easier to have extra metal tips on hand and if a clog occurs - take the clogged tip off, place it in water to clean later and attach a clean tip so you can continue to work.

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