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Flower Fusion E-Packet

Flower Fusion E-Packet

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Create the floral design with our White MUD then add color with our NT's. After firing, apply metal leafing to the back of the large glass. Easy to adapt this to most any surface. Instructor Margot Clark

Step-by-step instructions with color photos. Patterns included.

6" x 8" clear glass rectangle, 4 1/4" circles of compatible glass (2 needed)

UGC Supplies
NT Colors - 1961 Dark Green, 1997 Leaf Green, 1998 Golden Orange

Medium (1:1 ratio for making colors liquid)

3 Empty 1 oz jars with lids for storing mixed colors

Margot's 10/0 Script Liner

Sunrise Simple Leaf and Extra Thick Leafing Adhesive

Available only as an E-Packet.
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