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Flower Fusion II E-Packet

Flower Fusion II E-Packet

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Learn to construct MUD flowers on separate pieces of glass, add NT Color to the underside of the glass and fuse it all onto a larger peice of glass and then use metal leafing on the back of the fired piece for wonderful depth. Instructor Margot Clark

Instructions include step-by-step color photos and pattern

Glass needed: All clear, all compatible - 1 piece of 6" x 8", 1 piece 4 1/4" square, 1 piece  3" square, 1 piece 1 3/4" square and 3 pieces of 1" squares

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NT Colors - 1961 Dark Green, 1995 Apple Green, 1997 Leaf Green, 11008 Burgundy

Medium: 1:1 rario for mixing colors

4 Empty 1 oz jars for storing mixed colors


Margot's Signature 10/0 Script Liner

Sunrise Simple Leaf and Extra Thick Leafing Adhesive

Available only as an E-Packet.
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