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Layering Mix

Layering Mix

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UGC Layering Mix was created to enable multiple layers of color to be applied on top of one another and then only one firing is needed. Base layer needs to dry for 24 hours and then layers can be placed on top.  Allow each layer to dry before adding another layer on top to avoid disturbing the previous layer. Can also be added to frit to build up areas and then apply color over the dried frit.  Try different ratios of color to Layering Mix for Impasto and glazing techniques simply by adjusting the amount of powdered color to Layering Mix. Add multiple layers of color, allow to dry, and use sgraffito techniques to cut through the dried colors. Start off with a 1:1 ratio and adjust from there depending on the desired effect. We call this product "artist/application dependent" as so many, varied techniques are possible. 

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