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Ocean Currents E-Packet

Ocean Currents E-Packet

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This project not only teaches a lot of techniques but also makes a stunning piece of artwork. Artisan Colors, frits, Black MUD and White MUD and ACCENTS.
Instructor - Margot Clark

9 pages of instructions, photos and patterns

2 circles of clear glass 10" diameter

UGC Products:
Artisan Colors - 600 Azure, 603 Royal Blue, 607 Mystic Blue, 608 Teal Blue

Medium - 1:1 standard ratio for mixing colors

Original Colors - 950 Clear

ACCENTS - 701 Brass, 702 Copper, 703 Crystal Ice, 704 Gold

Deluxe MUD Kit - contains everything needed to create with MUD

Brushes - Margot's Signature 10/0 and 5/0 Script Liners

Coarse Clear Frit

Tempered Frit - only if you are using float glass for the project. Otherwise use small bits of compatible glass for the cabochons

4 Empty 1 oz jars for storing mixed colors

Available only as an E-Packet.
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