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Serenity Pouring Enamels Kit

Serenity Pouring Enamels Kit

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Kit includes: 3.4 oz jars of 1951 Brite White, 1956 Dark Blue, 1958 Turquoise, 1962 Mint Green and 1998 Golden Orange. Also included are two 8 oz bottles of Layering Mix, 4 pages of step=by-step instructions with color photos and Basic Pouring Instructions. 

These are some of the colors that we use in a lot of our UGC Pouring Enamels Techniques in a convenient 4 oz size. 

More tutorials for Pouring Enamels can be found on our website under Projects. 

Colors are also available separately in 1 oz (28g), 3.4oz (96g), and 16 oz (454g) in our NT Color and Original Colors sections. 

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